Steak Wrap

I love my protein and I love steak so I decided to make myself a delicious steak wrap for dinner. This one takes a little longer than usual, but I promise it tastes really good!



Flour tortilla

Steak (I used the kind that my sister marinated for me and gave it to me)

Thousand Island dressing/ Blue cheese dressing (whichever tickles your fancy)

Cheese (I used 2 American Cheese singles because that is what I have)

Lettuce (I love romaine because it gives a nice crunch crunch)

Cherry tomatoes

Red onion

Cucumber (cut into itty bitty pieces)

Brown rice


Hot sauce

Sriracha sauce

Sour Cream

Steamed Corn

Salt and Black pepper

lime juice



The first thing I like to do is start cooking my brown rice. While that is cooking, I cut up my cherry tomatoes, dice my red onion, cucumber, and avocado. I sprinkle lime juice on the avocado along with black pepper and salt to prevent it from turning black. After that, I’ll fry my steak and cut it into small pieces.

Now that the hard parts are over with, it’s time to assemble this monstrous yet flavorful wrap! I spread thousand island ranch dressing on one half of the flour tortilla. Next, I lay my American cheese slices. Then goes the romaine lettuce and on top of that goes the cherry tomatoes, red onion, and cucumbers. All the different colors make it look so pretty!! I add my steak, brown rice, and avocado. After that, goes a dollop of sour cream and hot sauce and sriracha sauce drizzled on top! Oops, we forgot the corn! Make sure to add the corn in there too! Now it’s time to wrap this ginormous wrap and devour it 🙂 Nom Nom


** Make sure all the ingredients are on one half of the tortilla, otherwise it’ll be hard to wrap.

** After wrapping I put toothpicks on each side of the wrap so I can cut it in half. If you are cutting it in more than halves, I recommend using more toothpicks to avoid unfolding.



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