Winter Onederland

Before proceeding with this blog I will write down all the vendors I used for those who don’t like to read long blog posts 🙂 These vendors are amazing and if you plan on going with them let them know that funsizedsuburbanfoodie has referred them to you!

  • Cake- Once Upon A Tier (on instagram and facebook)
  • Cake Pops- Rabia’s House of Treats (facebook)
  • Cookies- Rabia’s House of Treats and Asma (Asma is a henna artist and her instagram is amagh16)
  • Macaroon tower- Snow Dragon Shavery (dessert shop located in Chicago and Evanston)

Thank you to these people for helping make the dessert table come to life for my niece’s Winter Onederland birthday party!

Noor’s -my niece- first birthday was soon approaching! As per tradition, my mom decided to host her grand daughter’s birthday. I got the fun job.. decor. While decorating sounds fun, it can be very stressful. Shopping, trying to find the products, and even right vendors is tough work. I had to do a lot of research and really squeeze the creative juices to make it all come together.

Since, Noor is a winter baby I needed a theme. I wanted something where I could find things for and making sure it did not break our bank. I utilized Pinterest, Google, Instagram, YouTube and finally decided on a “Winter Onederland” theme. It was truly fitting.

In this post, I will focus on the dessert table. I wanted a small and simple dessert table. I wanted a hot chocolate bar for which the main focus was on (I’ll talk more about this in a different post). Even though I wanted a small scale dessert table, I wanted to make sure the desserts tasted fresh and delicious!

I started with the cake. There’s no birthday party without cake! I reached out to several bakers, but they were busy due to the holiday season. I finally came across Once Upon a Tier on instagram and messaged her. I stalked (no her on instagram and was very impressed with her work! I heard good reviews about her work. I sent her a picture of the cake I wanted from Pinterest. She said she could make it even more better. We decided to go with vanilla with strawberry mouse filling for the bottom tier, and the top tier was chocolate with ferrero rocher filling. She was true to her word.. she made the cake look more prettier than the image I sent her!! No joke.. this was one of the best tasting cakes I ever had!! Every one was stopping me and asking me where I got the cake from. They said it tasted fresh and really delicious. I highly recommend Once Upon A Tier, because she is so kind, talented, and affordable!

FullSizeRender.jpg                            FullSizeRender (1)

I had the cake down. But I needed desserts. Unfortunately, Once Upon A Tier only bakes cakes and not other desserts. I was in a pickle because the birthday was soon approaching and I didn’t have desserts. I am part of a WhatsApp group chat, so I decided to ask on there if anyone knew of someone that could make a few desserts for me. Thankfully, I had Rabia’s House of Treats (check her out on fb) reach out to me! She is reasonably priced and worked with me to give me what I wanted. I asked her to make cake pops. They were simple, cute, and definitely a hit!


I wanted cookies. However, I soon realized that cookies were very expensive. Every one I was reaching out to was giving me a high quote. I wanted the dessert table to be simple and didn’t want to go over my budget because of cookies. I was really stressed out because I had less than a week and didn’t know where to get cookies from. Ding! A really great idea popped in my head that would save money all while making it personal and very cute! I asked Rabia if she could bake plain sugar cookies for me. My friend- Asma- is a henna artist, so I asked her if she would be able to decorate the cookies for me, and she agreed as long as I provided her with the supplies! This was her first time, and she did AMAZING! I was seriously in love! They were so stinking cute!

IMG-3182                    IMG-3178IMG-3180

Everything was falling into place, and my stress level was decreasing. I wanted a small macaroon tower to complete the dessert table. I reached out to Snow Dragon Shavery and asked them if they could make one for me. I wanted pink, white, and silver macaroons so we settled for rose, vanilla, and cheesecake flavors and these were the best macaroons I ever had! People could not stop eating them!

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Now for the decor.. remember I wanted to keep the dessert table simple without spending too much.  The colors were pink, white, and silver. Therefore, for the backdrop, I used a silver glittery gift wrap.  I wanted pink table cloth and white stands. So, I bought a light pink plastic table along with two pink glittery table cloths to cover up the entire table.  I had a white cake stand that I used for the cake, and bought two small white stands to place the cookies and cake pops on. I placed a heavy box under the pink table cloths to prop up the cake. The macaroon tower went on top of a pink platter I already had at home. I bought two silver trees as decor. I bought pink and silver gum balls that I placed in mini white pails and scattered pink and silver chocolate coins throughout the dessert table. I hung white, silver, and pink balloons from the ceiling and voila the dessert table was done!

.. yes I had a snapchat filter.. SO EXTRA!!  #NoorsWinterOnederland






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